Resurrection and revamping: the mannequin dossier – part one.

Did I ever tell you about the time I performed a resurrection? Oh no? Well this is it. What do you with that once faithful friend who after more than a decade of neglect, you suddenly decide you need, only to discover that because you relegated her to that friendless zone of ‘got-no-time-for-hobbies-now-work-obsessed’ uselessness, she is shall we say, less than match fit. Continue reading Resurrection and revamping: the mannequin dossier – part one.

Starters orders ….

I’m very good at starting, I good with ideas, I’m a great one for saying “This would be good thing to do…” I’m OK at getting it going. I’m rubbish at finishing. So this should be the easy bit. I’m still musing over what should be the ten more things I need to make my list up to a nice round 50 but I have started several of my missions. My first big stumbling block was this blog itself. I think initially I thought about blogging everyday like a diary, then when day two came I thought  “I have nothing to say” then … Continue reading Starters orders ….

It’s harder than you think …

Blogging…! How to convince myself that anyone gives a monkey’s about my day which seems so mundane that I’m too timid to start writing it down. Well it’s hard. I tell myself I’m writing for myself and not to hope or even care if anyone reads it, but I can’t kid myself. I want somebody to read it, but that means it has to be “Worth reading” and then I end up at the beginning again. Oh hum…  Anyway, 50 for 50 is having some (limited) progress, many of my goals are ongoing and cannot be realised until the end of Year 50. … Continue reading It’s harder than you think …

Getting it going

The fact that I’m 50 is hardly news anymore but after a few months of easing into it, I have decided I have to make it count. This is sort of a collection of resolutions, too late really to actually be called New Year’s Resolutions as we are well into the New Year. However, my sort of retirement has made me decide not to wait any longer to catch up with all those things I have been telling myself I don’t have time to do because of the rigours of work.  The notion of achieving some stuff came into my head along with the … Continue reading Getting it going